Scale with a
Bite-Size Offer

And serve with a God-sized heart...
at the SAME. TIME.

Hey there mama, I’m Jamie and I help female entrepreneurs create time flexibility and financial freedom with binge-worthy digital product experiences that consistently grow their income so they can pursue a joyful, jesus-loving life.  

Ready to skip the launch headache with a tool that generates a customized to-do list and email marketing calendar in seconds?

eliminate the fear of

launching to crickets... again!

You’ve taken every influencer-led, 30-day challenge to map out your sales funnel… only to end the month with a lead magnet that’s more useful at the bottom of your kid’s hamster cage.

Not to mention a copious amounts of time you’ve sacrificed creating a bunch of content that you are praying your ideal buyer is searching for and Finger’s crossed, that you AT LEAST break even from the money you’ve invested.

What if… I told you that you have all the content you need hidden away in your business OR that you don’t need to create any content prior to selling it. 

Meet my signature framework – a dynamic method that combines your expertise AND perfectionism/procrastination tendencies with a sustainable system for growth. 

The Result: Freedom to grow at your own pace. On your own terms. Trusting the voice of God inside you to lead the way.

champagne toast



you KNOW passive income is the key to

consistent cash flow AND reclaiming control of your schedule

But the mere thought of expanding into an agency (or maintaining your team) or creating a complicated, multi-layered sales funnel with downsells, upsells and lots of little bells and whistles is making you want to lose your cookies – and mama, we know how hard you worked to hide those satisfying treats from your kids so let’s not go there.

If you’ve been hearing God say “go” and at the same time hearing a voice saying, “No, not that way” – that’s not a mindset issue, it’s a deeper knowing that high-pressure, pushy tactics are NOT the strategy for you.

That voice is a quiet tug that’s trying to get your attention. And when you lean in, you know this: small, low cost offers are the catalyst to a successful, scalable business that gives you joy and purpose – and my goal (and promise) is to help you capitalize on this vision while still serving your people extremely well.

It’s time to learn how to

Transform your proven expertise

into sought-after digital products

Let me help you create a profitable, thriving business that takes the high-touch experience you’re known for and evolve that into digital offers with a simplified sales process that is life-giving, relaxing… even fun.

Launch the easy peasy way

Create a custom tasklist + calendar in seconds

Quickly build and release your offers. Validate your dreamy ideas. Turn your revenue into streamlined recurring profits. Fuel your soul. In as little as 14 days or as slowly as you prefer (and it doesn’t involve a giant ad-spend, hiring an agency-style team, or designing a mega course).

What are you waiting for? Your buyers need you!


Meet Jamie

Chef + Entrepreneur by Trade.
Funnel Strategist through God’s plan.
Mentor for fearless servant-hearted mamas.

Four years ago, I started this crazy, entrepreneurial adventure with an army-crawling baby, a color-coded Asana task list, and the stubbornness to never return to another brick-n-mortar job (oh, and LOTS of googling). The cliff notes version? I FAILED MISERABLY.

A righteous man falls six times but gets up seven. That’s in Proverbs. 

So I took a big step back and worked behind-the-scenes for a 6-figure marketing agency where I moved quickly from project manager to lead funnel strategist. It was a year-long experiment in learning a ton about sales tactics AND getting super annoyed with a billion-dollar industry that needed to change – and I’m on a mission to make that happen!

I am so pleased with the results of my launch. My mind is blown! I booked one of Jamie’s Voxer days and it was super effective. It helped me put all my ideas on paper, formulate what my offer would be, how I would release it, and the platform I used in an incredibly thoughtful way that my audience would respond to. She forced me to slow down and figure out what felt right for my business, for my brand, and not necessarily listen to the gurus until I was ready.

Lindsey, Copywriter + Brand Strategist from Verity & Co

Ready to take your audience from observing bystanders to highly engaged fans and customers?

A passive income sales funnel is Closer than you think...

Watch the Bite-Size Offer Workshop

In this free, netflix-style training you will learn how to map out a profitable digital product that exceeds your buyer’s expectations without having a gazillion landing pages, high-pressure sales tactics, or ridiculously long copy while establishing your unique value-centered sales approach.

You’ll even get a digital planner so you can start taking action as soon as the workshop ends.

Let’s break it down using my proprietary process:


Phase One

Create and perfect your Bite-Size Offer

Once you’ve watched the free training, we give you the opportunity to snag all the templates, swipe-ables, and support you need to create an irresistible strategic-series of bite-size digital offers that get your buyers the results they’ve been dreaming about (because you have been an active participant in helping them flourish).

We keep things simple around here, sharing our love of a platform called MemberVault to help you present your offers, be as hands-on with your people as you want, and give them the results they need without stacking ten different tools together or making it difficult to engage with your content.

(Psst, if you sign up for ANY of my offers, you’ll get to experience first-hand how this tech works and how engaging digital products can be. Encourages engagement? Check. Gives your students access to you, the business owner? Check. Delivers results? Check, check, check).


Phase Two

Master your Traffic + Operational Systems

You don’t have to roll the dice on sending strangers to your offers secretly questioning if they will like it (or you) enough to want to stay around or find the energy to release something new every quarter to keep the lights on. 

From DAY. ONE. we show you how to cultivate a community of action takers and turn away the freebie seekers by redefining the role of a lead magnet and leveraging it in a way that seamlessly flows into your paid offers (no matter how low or high the price is). 

Once this step is mastered you can move onto streamlining your sales process and increasing your visibility to other traffic sources – then take a step back and watch the magic happen!


Phase Three

Scale your offer -- and business --- with an automated recurring profit system

Now that you have a rock-solid suite of digital products and your back-end operations are working like a well-oiled machine, you have the option of learning how to move beyond the product launching phase into the kind of growth you’ve been dreaming about.

Although this product isn’t available just yet, you can watch the free training or work with Jamie privately to build out your automated, evergreen sales machine.

Jamie is an incredible wealth of information in this online business space and her Voxer support is invaluable during those times of uncertainty. She's helped me to craft tactics for growing my business through automation and relationship-building strategies. She's never shy when it comes to jumping in and tackling an issue! Her expertise and eyes on my business helped me to streamline my offers and onboarding clients more efficiently.

Heather Farris, Pinterest Management + Strategy

Launch the easy peasy way

Create a custom tasklist + calendar in seconds

Quickly build and release your offers. Validate your dreamy ideas. Turn your revenue into streamlined recurring profits. Fuel your soul. In as little as 14 days or as slowly as you prefer (and it doesn’t involve a giant ad-spend, hiring an agency-style team, or designing a mega course).

What are you waiting for? Your buyers need you!