I’ll take crazy business owners for $500, Alex, “This Dubsado systems strategist is giving away a FREE Dubsado Set-Up on Cyber-Monday.”

“Who is The Meticulous Mompreneur, Alex”

“That is correct!”

So….some of the responses to my Black Friday-service-and-sales announcement have brought me a few interesting (cough, cough, a-hem) responses.

Unfortunately, none of them involved free tickets to Disney World as a thank you, but I can learn to live with that.

Instead, I received some dropped jaws and, “Jamie, are you sure about this?”

Honestly, no.

As an entrepreneur who has grown at warp-speed in five months, I’m not 100% sure about any of my ideas. But, one thing I am certain about–my gut and heart decisions have lead me here (see last line about warp speed growth) so I’m going to trust my heart and gut with this decision too.

If need be, you can call me crazy. Although “certifiably nuts” has a sassier ring to it. I’ll accept both.

With the average Dubsado Set-Up costing anywhere from $350 to $1500 per set-up – you can see why I’m being tossed onto the Crazy Cart by some. There are at least a dozen different ways this Cyber Monday promotion could’ve been structured, but I kept coming back to this idea… here is why:

Because Newsies: The Musical had it right

“Wrongs will be righted, when we’re united! Let us seize the day!”

It is my belief that no one should do life alone. I think the same should be true in your business. We are stronger together than apart and money shouldn’t always be the barrier to attain your goals. Even if you do not win the prize of a FREE set-up, you will at least get some assistance from an experienced professional at a much lower rate.

Once we’ve begun, if we stand as one, someday becomes somehow

You need Katniss in your business

Automation is the Game-Changer for your business. Incorporating automated processes is a MUST-HAVE for the virtual business world. You don’t have to automate every step but having a properly set-up system is just as important as having a well tuned vehicle that you’re driving every day. Business automation is for every business but automating your business is not easy for everyone. After working with several businesses in our community and dozens of online entrepreneurs, I realize that there are several struggles we all face to map out a workflow or to get started.

Taylor Swift has a Squad and I have an A-Team

I am 100% confident in the ability of those who work on my team. I have hand picked a few Dubsado users who offer a high-quality skill set to work alongside me. I would never offer a promotion with the potential of mass interest unless I knew my team could handle it. I pride myself and my business on delivering awe-inspiring products and services, discounting a service or giving one away, will NOT change this philosophy.

Give people something to talk about

Time and time again I’ve seen how properly setting up their Client Relationship Management system has changed the way they do business. You owe it to yourself to jump over the hurdles hindering you and finally go all in. Your clients will thank you for it and the results will be proven in your bottom line as your happy clients start spreading the news to others

I secretly want to be Jerry Maguire

When I first decided to niche down by offering Dubsado Set-Up services exclusively it was because I have a passion for serving others. I want your business to thrive because that means our community is thriving. It gives me no greater joy than knowing that this Cyber Monday promotion is going to help, not only the giveaway winner, but everyone who purchases services from me that day. Help me help you!

What’s stopping you?

Besides all the excuses and fear that stopped you before:

*Maybe it’s not time

Eek! You don’t want to be on my waiting list, emailing me with, “911 Automation Emergency!” Set up now and tweak things before your business goes boom from explosive growth

*I don’t have the money

Double Eek! I got you covered! Remember the crazy part about entering to win a FREE Dubsado set up. The other bonus is that I’m offering my services at a greatly reduced price and setting up a system that actually makes you more money (See earlier reference to warp speed growth).

*Do I really even need this?

Was Richard Marx a big hit in the ‘90’s? Yes. The answer is yes. You need systems in your business.Unless having your invoices in Paypal and contract in Hellosign and documents in google drive and forms in typeform is working for you and not driving you bananas!

Ready to get your scream on? Here are the “jaw-dropping, you’ve gone loony, Jamie” deals:

All day on Cyber Monday, November 27th, I will be offering the following:

Dubsado Account Audit for $49 (regularly $79)

Dubsado Strategic Planning Session for $97 (regularly $197)

EVERYONE who purchases one of the above deals will receive:

  • A $250 voucher to use toward any setup package
  • An entry to win a FREE done-for-you setup package

Winner of the FREE Dubsado Setup will be announced on Tuesday, November 28th

Feeling crazy? Find out when the Cyber Monday deals begins and how to be entered in the giveaway.