First time users of Dubsado or clients transferring their CRM systems to Dubsado often get overwhelmed by this robust system. They know it can work, they just aren’t sure how to make it work for them. I call it the Brick Wall of DubsaDOH! Working in and out of Dubsado accounts all day, every day means I see A LOT of different setups for people’s businesses… I also see how A LOT of people fail at setting up their businesses to succeed. It breaks my heart to see such an amazing platform often underutilized. It also lights a fire in me –  because I know how Dubsado works and I know how I can get it working for them! Often times, during a strategy session (this is a mandatory first-step for any of my setup clients), I show them the missteps that have happened in their account. It is quite usual to hear a Homer Simpson like “DOH!” from clients who realize the error of their ways. And guess what? These mistakes are about as common as a Black Friday email showing up in your inbox this Thanksgiving week. Which means you have probably encountered them too. Curious to know how to overcome your Homer Simpson DubsaDOH! Tendencies. Read on!

1. Stop Being a Bart Simpson with your Brand Settings Anything you put into brand settings (found by clicking your logo or business name at the top right of your account, then Current Brand Settings) can be auto-populated into your forms, emails, and all throughout your account. A HUGE TIME SAVER! But not capitalizing your name, or not checking for typos in your address can make your field mapping look unprofessional.

Dubsado brand settings

Solution: Take a few moments to check your settings for spelling and grammatical errors. Add any branding colors or logos to customize your account. This is also where you would customize the look of your client portal. Don’t rush past through one.

2. Get Rid of the Otto Mann Busdriver Approach Living loose and free is best done on TV, dude. 90% of my clients did not have an online scheduler prior to working with me. If you make any type of appointment (meeting, consultation, onboarding, etc.) then I highly recommend using an online scheduler. Who likes a dozen emails just to figure out a day & time to meet?

Solution: Sign up for an online scheduler like Acuity, Calendly, etc. and get it set-up based on your business processes. Integrate it with Dubsado by:

  • Using the “add one-time link” under a specific job or lead’s form tab to send in an email or for them to access it in their client portal
  • Add the URL link directly into any of your canned emails (which can then be manually sent or sent in an automated workflow)
  • Embed it into your forms with the code block function
  • Add the link under the settings of a lead capture form so your prospective client is immediately redirected there after filling out the Dubsado form (see image below)
  • Link or embed the scheduler to your website (or Facebook page) and then use Zapier to send them an email with your lead capture link once they schedule with you

Personal Note: I personally prefer Acuity because it integrates really nicely with my Google calendar and Zoom. It also sends out any email reminders for me automatically and can block off times based on my personal schedule.

3. Not knowing there are form Completion Alert Pop-Ups This is one of the hidden features in Dubsado because if you’ve never viewed any of your forms as a client or scrolled all the way through the settings of a form you’d have no idea it was there. Depending on your brand or online personality it might be necessary to customize this piece of each form.

Solution: If you don’t like the default message, go into each of your forms and customize the alert (this can be found on the left sidebar under the settings tab). Here is a Dubsado help article for more of a visual.  

4. Refusing to take a page from Mr. Burns Book Everyone needs a loyal, hardworking assistant. If you are a solo-preneur it is inevitable that you need automated workflows. Overcome your fear and dive straight in. Your business will stagger in growth if you cannot handle the workload. Dubsado helps by becoming your personal assistant …  sending your contracts, invoices, and reminder emails exactly the way you want it done. At the very least, you should have a workflow set to send an email thanking someone for filling out your lead capture form and when to expect a response. Workflows will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Excellent, Smithers.

Solution Take 30 minutes and brainstorm every piece of your client process. Download a copy of our workflow workbook for some help. Then take those pieces and put them in order then create your workflows in your account. OR work with a Dubsado systems strategist like us to help you put all the pieces together. Super Pro Tip: Automate your lead capture by heading into your lead capture form and connect a workflow in the settings tab or by adding a workflow feature to the form (if you have more than one option).

5. Doing the Books like an employee from Moe’s Tavern The days of pen and paper ledger use are over! Keep everything organized and tidy inside your Dubsado account. Creating income categories along with types will help you to avoid a huge mess later when you are reconciling your accounts or meeting with your accountant. DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney, CPA, or accountant, so my knowledge is limited here.

Solution: Take a look at these income categories (or talk to a professional) and add them to your chart of accounts under the Bookkeeping section of your Dubsado account. Update your packages with these new categories to use on future invoices.

6. Drop the Ned Flanders act Hey-diddly-ho, Neighbour! The single most common thing I hear all the time. “I don’t need packages because I don’t package anything.” Do you sell something? Is a client paying you money for a service? Then you need to setup your packages. The packages section is how a product or service is added to your invoices. It is also how it will be auto-populated into forms (think proposals or contract). Not having them set-up could cause a lot of headache for you when you invoice a client or create a proposal for them. Even if everything you do is custom to the client there are usually still standard rates or add-ons that are consistent.

Solution: Create packages by adding anything that is considered a line item (service or product) as an individual package to your Dubsado account. Then test how it looks in proposals, contracts, and invoices so you can adjust any of the formatting. TIP: You can also add a package while creating a form if it is easier for you to visualize.

7. Ignoring Principle Skinner’s suggestions to give things a trial run I understand. You’ve made it to the end of your Dubsado creation. You are tired, your brain feels fried, you just want to hit the save button and go get some sleep. But wait? Why would you go through all of this work only to have your paying client, the one you want to impress with your streamlined organizational ways, do the trial run on your processes? Take a moment and go through the process yourself.

Solution: Once you’ve got everything ready to go follow these steps:

  1. Add yourself as a test client (or use the lead capture form)
  2. Apply any workflows/forms etc to your client profile that you are wanting to test
  3. Log-out and close all your tabs (unless you want to open an incognito window in your browser). This allows you to see all the client features like buttons and client alerts.
  4. Go through each step as if you were the client

Another way to do this is to set-up a friend or family member as a client and have them give you feedback on the process. You might need to force a few steps of the workflow so you are not waiting a few days or hours between the steps. See the image below:

I know working with Dubsado can seem a bit like Blinky the three-eyed fish–it’s nothing you’ve every seen before, but solving these 7 account fails will save you a lot of forehead slapping moments and take you from saying, “DubsaDOH!” to Dubsad-ohhhhhhhh yeah!” And if you need help changing your Dubsado experience, you can connect with me here.