My entire life I have always believed that you shouldn’t just be creating a system to have a system but that your systems need to be as efficient as possible. I am very intentional in my business practices and it gives me great pleasure to share those practices with other entrepreneurs.

Dubsado is, without a doubt, the most powerful customer management system out there. The Dubsado team has built some rockstar features for you to create a functional and robust platform to organize every aspect of your business. Given that their ideal customer is the creative entrepreneur, it only seemed fitting to divulge some of my favorite innovative methods to use Dubsado’s already built in features. These hacks will teach you how to use Dubsado like a ninja in no time. Don’t forget to download my workflow creation checklist at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Notes

Take a questionnaire template and build it with the purpose to fill in during your consultations or client meetings. As long as you don’t “mark as read” then the client won’t be able to view it. Alternatively, the client can have access to it in their client portal if you “mark as read” or send in an email. This same strategy could be applied to any type of internal document you could need in your business.

Setting Appointments Automatically

There are a couple of ways to accomplish an automated scheduler within Dubsado. At least until their new upgrade is finished. Embed the code into a code block inside a questionnaire or put the link into the redirect option on a lead capture. The bonus of putting it inside a questionnaire is that it can trigger an action within a workflow.

Time Tracker  

Just because you don’t bill by the hour doesn’t mean this is a wasted feature. This is a great time management tool to figure out how much time you actually spent on a project. This comes in handy with other users you may have added to your account to know how much time they are spending on specific clients or tasks.

Delegate Tasks to Your Team

Create a separate workflow just for tasks that are given to your team. This could also be easily integrated into your current workflows. Now once the client signs their contract, Susie Q will be notified that they need to save a copy to your business files. You don’t need to think about adding tasks every time, it can be done automatically.

Lead Capture Opt-In

Instead of using an email marketing service (or in addition to), connect your lead capture to a workflow that will automatically send an email with your lead magnet or freebie to those who give you permission (or opt-in) on your website. Then you can easily follow up with them later.


This one makes me very excited. I cannot wait to see how this feature evolves later. See that Lead Capture Opt-In I mentioned above. If you have a lead capture that asks for their basic information and permission to add to a list, once they complete the form their information will automatically go straight into Dubsado AND to your email marketing system (such as Mailchimp).

Utilizing A Funnel: the dreaded “F word”

In Dubsado, I don’t view sales funnel from a marketing perspective. I suggest using it as a way to organize my “leads”. Sort of like folders in your email box. For example; create a “status” for employees, one for vendors, and then one for each step of the onboarding process. Now you know exactly where your leads information is and where each of them is on the journey to be converted to a client.


I feel like this is a very underutilized section of the templates. Is there anything in your process that requires you to get official approval from the client? If you answered yes then you need to have templates here. If there is some type of finalized project or tangible product (prints, albums, stationery, website, etc.) then you should be creating a form for the client to accept it just like they did at the beginning of the project when they signed the initial project. Remember to always CYA (Cover Your Assets).

Upload PDF’s to Templates

Take all those snazzy looking brochures, welcome packets, media kits, or sales sheets and upload them as a PDF to your templates. Now you can easily add them to a client’s profile or share in their client portal without searching for it every time. Consider adding this as an action to your workflows too so it is given to the client automatically once the workflow has been applied.


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