The overwhelming stress of overthinking stops now

Work closely, one-on-one, WITH ME, to map out a strategic plan for your systems, workflows, and processes the right way.
Strategy Session

(psst this includes mapping out your processes & workflows for Dubsado)

When you are so busy learning #allthethings are you truly harnessing the power of a CRM like Dubsado?

Enter stage right: Our System Mapping Sessions

This session is a fine-tooth combing process where we look at EVERY aspect of your business and qualify each step of your systems.  

This session is vital to getting your account set-up in a timely and quality manner.

It is also the turning point for most business owners when they suddenly realize all of their business processes are now mapped out on paper and they are confident with the next steps. #gamechanger

How can you properly build a workflow or automate your business if you haven’t evaluated your entire business? You don’t know what you don’t know! These sessions will . For the seasoned entrepreneur who wants to know the ins and outs of their client management system or for the savvy systems thinker who is ready to employ their tech skills on Dubsado.

Action Driven Planning Sessions

We offer a variety of consultations services to give you the confidence and strategies needed to implement sustainable and profitable systems.

Both session options will evaluate EVERY aspect of your business to design a customized action plan that brings your vision to fruition. #gamechanger

Our method of delivering a comprehensive package in an easy-to-follow format has been refined and tested for all business types at any stage of life.

The Deep-Dive Strategic Session

This 90 minute video recorded session will be looking at your business under my meticulous strategy microscope.

What is your business and how is it structured?

What tools or systems do you currently have in place or plan to start using?

What processes do you have for managing your business operations?

You don’t need to know any of these answers, Jamie will help you figure out all the details.

The Unicorn Phase

This is when the magic (ok not really magic, but some killer planning by Jamie) is revealed.

Based on all the information she collected in the strategic session Jamie goes to work analyzing every piece of your business, doing any necessary research to fill in the gaps and determines the best framework to put you in the driver seat of your entrepreneurial journey.

This includes creating any documentation, visuals, procedures, and resources for your next steps.

Actionable Next Steps

Now that we have all this awesome information on how to take your business to the next level – we give you the info to make it happen!

Depending on the session type you choose, Jamie will provide you with not only detailed info about the newly created workflows, resources, and time-saving tips – but, you’ll also get a video screen-share explanation of your uniquely designed action plan.

Dubsado Strategic Planning Session

(psst this includes mapping out all of your workflows)

$297 per brand

I have set up dozens, if not hundreds, of workflows and diving inside the brain of your business is not only one of my strengths but brings me pure delight. Expect a lot of questions, and a lot of optimistic solutions for the roadblock causing you frustration including recommendations for streamlining your entire client management system.

This session includes:

  • My signature 90-minute deep-dive strategy session
  • A recording of our call for future reference
  • A map of your client processes
  • Customized workflow outline(s) in Dubsado terms
  • A personalized written Dubsado strategic action plan with video walkthrough
  • A swipe file with client onboarding canned emails + setup checklist

Business Backend Planning Session

(Ideal for the Entrepreneur who is looking for an extensive overview of their business)

$597 per brand

Whether your Dubsado account is looking like the aftermath of a hurricane or you’ve tried to set things up and are now pulling your hair, it’s Team Russell to the rescue.
This session includes:
    • My signature 90-minute deep-dive strategy session
    • A recording of our call for future reference
    • A map of your entire business enfastructure
    • A personalized written strategic action plan with a video walkthrough
    • Quarterly goal tracking worksheet templates
    • 30 days of unlimited email support during implementation

Client Love

“Her ability to manage projects and people is nothing short of admirable. She is definitely an asset to have on any team.”
Nicole M.
Co-Working Manager
“Jamie has come into my life and applied structure in places I didn’t know needed it. She’s very knowledgeable, organized and goes beyond what is expected of her to get the job done. ”
“Jamie is awesome to work with! She totally understood my crazy schedule and set up videos to teach me to use the shortcuts she implemented.”
Kathy L.
Travel Agent

Change the way you do business and

create massive momentum

Hop on a free, no-obligation call with Jamie.  We'll walk through where you are in your business and the time-saving, headache-free services we offer to get you up in running in no time!

What an Integrator + Workflow Strategist Can Do For Your Business

Through years of experience setting up and managing client’s businesses, Jamie has taken her know-how and applied it to Dubsado, a creative entrepreneurs new best friend.

After working with us, you’ll be able to:

Throw away all your other platform subscriptions and streamline it all through one powerhouse CRM

Capture and track leads through to becoming paying customers

Send and sign contracts electronically with a simple click of a button
Time track and invoice with ease, not too mention with branded invoices
Accept payments (in multiple currencies) – heck yeah!
Work more efficiently with things like calendar synchronization, automations, and canned emails (We can teach you all the time-saving hacks)