It is soooo easy to get sucked into the nostalgia of wanting #allthethings when it comes to tools and tech for your business.

You don’t need to get everything and it doesn’t even have to cost you a small fortune either.

Check out my video below on 8 of my favorite business tools that I use as a creative entrepreneur. Then check them out using the links found below. I do a lot of “how to” tutorials on all of the tools I use in my business so don’t forget to subscribe t my channel to be notified when my next video is being published. 

Hi! I'm Jamie

Jamie Russell is a business strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs dominate their niche by conquering their CRM system struggles once + for all. She is a mentor, educator, and mama of three. She loves sharing her savvy strategies, Dubsado know-how, and effortless solutions to shake up your approach to systemization and automation.

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