God-size mission.

Bite-size offer.

Together we will scale both.

Ready to amplify your impact and create consistent income with binge-worthy digital products and wildly engaging buyer experiences? Step into your calling as a rockstar business owner and exceptional mama by living a Jesus-loving, joyful life by design.

Stop trying to grow a list of freebie seekers.

Grow a community of loyal supporters instead.

It’s time to ditch the useless lead magnets and nauseating sales funnels for a strategic series of bite-size digital offers that sell on autopilot. Your sales and marketing strategy is the key to a successful, scalable business that lights you up and gives you joy and purpose, and my goal and promise is to help you capitalize on this too.


Does this sound familiar…

You’ve spent 3 weeks fine-tuning a lead magnet that fell flat and might as well serve as a proverbial lining of a bird’s cage… You’ve taken all the courses and challenges to map out your sales funnels, but now you need to hire a launch team to rescue you from the maze you created!

You know that evergreen autopilot sales work. You’ve heard and seen it happen. It just hasn’t happened for you. And you’re concerned that this type of business model will disconnect you from your community. And you just borrowed from the household grocery budget to pay for your Facebook ads to a freebie that you’re praying your ideal client is searching for so you can break-even on the ad spend.

If only things could be like you thought:

sitting down at your desk with your tea mug in hand, checking your bank balances and nearly spitting your tea all over the place because there it is in big, bold numbers.

You’ve hit your income goal for the month even though the kids were home full time, you took a week off that dental surgery after rescheduled it 12 times, and detoxed from social media every weekend.​

You snap a photo to remember that this was the moment your life changed forever.

That instagram-worthy photo isn't as far away as it seems… And together, we’re going to make it happen without any of the headaches you’ve been dreading from the process of scaling your biz this way.

We keep things simple around here, sharing our love of a platform called MemberVault to help you present your offers and interact with your students. It’s become our go-to for digital products, audience engagement, and even acts as a CRM so you can be as hands-on as you want with the people interacting with your content.

If you’re looking to create a funnel (an anti-funnel, that is) that’s easy to use and gives your students results, without stacking ten different tools together to get a good system, this is the way to go. (Psst, if you sign up for or my subscriber hub, you’ll get to experience first-hand how this tech works and how engaging digital products can be. Encourages engagement? Check. Gives your students access to you, the business owner? Check. Delivers results? Check, check, check).


Something New

Ready to take your audience from observing bystanders to highly engaged fans and customers?

Here’s how we do it.

The Loyalty Loop ™ is the radical sales process you need to capture their attention, build a supportive experience, and leave them wanting more without monopolizing all of your time, energy, or profits.

You can build a profitable, thriving business while leading with a servant heart by:


Restructuring your business to align with what fuels your soul

Replacing a dehumanizing worm-hole of upsells with a low-pressure experience

Eliminating tech that doesn’t align with how you want to serve

Repackaging your offers into a bingeable knowledge stack

Encouraging faster results and momentum with win-win incentives

Letting go of the need to chase perfection and make progress instead

It’s time to Join the anti-funnel movement!

Learn how to transform

your proven expertise into sought-after digital products

Quickly create and release your offers. Validate your dreamy ideas. Turn your revenue into recurring profits. Fuel your soul. And more. (And it doesn’t involve a giant ad-spend, hiring an agency-style team, or designing a mega course).

Teaching Thursday Watch Live or Binge Past Livestreams

Every week myself or co-host (conversion copywriter Holly Williams) go live in our private Facebook group with an action-focused lesson on a requested topic. So you can simplify + scale your business. And build a life you love.

The Perfecting Grace Podcast In a pair of earbuds every Tuesday

Get ready for candid conversations, practical advice, and relatable stories on how to silence your inner critic and focus on what matters by choosing God’s grace over unrealistic expectations and impossible standards. It’s a must listen for self-proclaimed perfectionists, procrastinators, overthinkers and people pleasers.

Apply for a coveted VIP day You + me + my strategic brain = Magic! ​

Every month I reserve a limited number of invitations for entrepreneurs who are ready to shift to an automated recurring profit model, do the mindset work to approach their sales from a fresh perspective, and believe in scaling without sacrificing their family or health. Perfect for the visionary who’s always on the go with no clear direction on next steps.

Hey, I’m Jamie

And nothing warms my heart more than seeing other fearless mamas thrive.

Three years ago I started this crazy, entrepreneurial adventure with an army-crawling baby, a color-coded Asana task list, and the stubbornness to never return to another brick-n-mortar job (oh, and LOTS of googling).

The quick rise and fall of a mama entrepreneur:

A righteous man falls six times, but gets up seven. That’s in Proverbs.

I took the little recurring profits coming in and joined a group coaching program. It forced me to take a strong look at my backend operations and service offerings. Through this program I learned one very important truth that I’d been barring beneath mom guilt and shame:

I wasn’t giving my relationship and my success (or failures) to God.

I wasn’t honoring him in how I operated my business and I certainly wasn’t aligned with my values. Everything I believed in and preached online was something I learned from a blog, a podcast, or an instagram story --- what did I even believe?

I needed to test things out and take a BIG step back.

I joined a marketing agency team as a project manager and found myself swiftly moving into the role of funnel strategist. It was a year long experiment in getting super annoyed with:

Do those strategies work? Absolutely.

But I realized that things didn’t have to be so complicated. Expensive. Time-sucking. They could be simple, relaxing…even fun. And even more, get your students the results they’ve been dreaming about (because you are an active participant in helping them)


Something New

It is absolutely possible to grow and scale your business in a way that feels amazing, aligns with your core values, utilizes your skills and gifts, and pulls together in a package that serves to help your audience with you as their guide. We take your expertise and package it into bite-sized digital offers that leave your audience begging for more, giving you more time for your family, for fun, or for continuing to grow your business.

Eliminate the fear of hearing crickets and get ready for cha-ching