27 August 2018
Have you ever thought about using quizzes as a lead generator for your service-based business? If you haven’t tried it, you need to! Using a quiz will uplevel your lead generation rates because it allows you to funnel people who take your quiz into your nurture sequence on your email list.
Once your ideal client lands on your website and takes your quiz, they will feel like they are getting an experience that is much more customized to them, based on their needs.In order to get their results, they fill out an opt-in form and their results get sent to their email. So not only will this generate more leads, but it is also a great list building tool! I want to share with you 3 ways that you, as an online service provider, can use quizzes in your business while providing a ton of value for your audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is secret revenue for the online service provider. Creating a quiz on your favorite tools you use and have affiliate links for is a great way to get people to discover new tools they may not know about. Also, it gives you an opportunity to promote your favorite tools. If you have services focused on specific tools, a quiz to help your potential client figure out if that tool is right for them, then lead them to sign up for it is a great way to generate awareness for the tool and opt them into your email list to nurture them to become a client.  A great example of an affiliate quiz is Jessica Stanberry’s Trello vs Asana quiz. She used a topic that she knew her audience would engage on and that has a lot of traffic on her site. Her quiz helps her audience determine which tool they should use. Once they get their result she includes her affiliate link to that tool.

Schedule a sales call or Make a purchase

A lead may need help to really deciding if they are ready to work with you or if you would be a good fit to help them solve their problem. A quiz is a great way to warm them up by targeting their pain points or funneling them through a series of qualifying questions before they book a call with you. In the end, if they end up not qualifying, or may not be ready quite yet, make sure to leave them with some sort of value that allows you to still nurture them or directs them to another service or product you offer. You still want to nurture them to keep you in mind for when they are ready to work with you. Jaclyn Mellone took a fun and quirky spin on this idea by having a quiz that leads into her signature program. Her quiz is a personality-type quiz to identify if you are booking out your services or just burning out. Once you get the results she has a nurture sequence to send you more information and high value content about her program.

Promo Offer

A great incentive to take a quiz is to give leads a promo offer for your services or signature program. Everybody loves a good deal, right? When someone takes your quiz to unlock a promo offer they are also giving you information on if they are your ideal client. We also suggest creating some urgency when they get to your offer, being on thee countdown to act on your offer will increase the likelihood to take action. A great example of a quiz that effectively uses this strategy is Joey Vitale who uses his quiz to determine if you are a good fit for his services and then offers a promo code to book a call with him. This provides an amazing value for his audience who needs it in their business.

There you have it! Did these give you some inspiration on how you could use these ideas for your business? If this inspired you, there is a secret-not-so-secret tool I want to share with you that make creating these quizzes seamless! It is called Interact. Interact is a quiz builder that helps you create quizzes and embed them into your website, landing pages, link them to your social media, or even run them as Facebook Ads. They have hundreds of quiz templates for you to choose from that allow you to make a variety of different types of quizzes such as personality, scored, assessment, or multiple choice quizzes. My favorites part is that it seamlessly integrates with my email marketing service. Their blog also has some KILLER ideas for ways you can use and create quizzes along with some amazing case studies of how other people are having success with them. It is super easy to create a quiz with Interact! If you want to see how, check out this video for a step-by-step walkthrough. If you can’t wait to get started, here is a handy worksheet that will help you create a quiz strategy to make the quiz creation process a little bit easier.
*This post may contain affiliate links for products that I personally use or use with my clients. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links which I’ll likely blow on Oprah’s Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks… you should try it, with a pump of white chocolate. Delicious!