When I first started doing business, scheduling meetings and appointments was the one thing I dreaded.Every job I have had while in the industry involved me managing calendars. I hated it and knew with my business that I wanted to avoid any unnecessary email communication.

But, hello 21st Century!

Since online business is a fairly popular thing on the internet, client schedulers have become a necessary point of innovation. And when there is a popular need in a market, then out comes variety to meet the needs of the consumer! Lucky for you and me, we don’t have to be boxed in by one type of scheduling service. We can use whichever one suits our online business needs the best. We have taken some quality time to research the best online client schedulers on the market and summarized those features in a handy chart.

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All of the tools we compared have not only a trial option but a free plan. They also all have similar features when it comes to customization, branding, time zone detection, client reminders, mobile device viewing, a booking landing page, calendar integration, accept payments, and team use. It comes down to what priced plan you have and the overall aesthetic for each of these features. Each software gives you the experience of stress-free scheduling. Meaning the client has the freedom to choose their time, cancel, and reschedule their appointment with ease of use.

Here is a summary of what we found:

Acuity Online Scheduling

This popular scheduler is sure to pop up in the comments section if you ask a freelance Facebook Group, “what do you use for a scheduler”. It’s been around for awhile and it’s had time to perfect it’s services. I’ll be honest in saying that I’m a proud affiliate of this tool (click here to sign up using my link). Although this is the best option for my business I fully believe it is about finding the right fit for you. In my opinion, it is the most robust tool when compared next to the others.

Most other platforms can only integrate with a few other tools or ask that you use Zapier to achieve the desired results. Acuity has taken it a step above the rest and optimized its software for email marketing, accounting, and online meetings. Those who I’ve setup on Acuity love it because they can offer upsells, vouchers, and coupon codes. You can also turn on the ability to add tips.

Ideal for: Online entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative types,

Bonus: Squarespace users are offered the Emerging Entrepreneurs plan ($15/month value) fo free as long as your site is active.



This seems to be a fairly popular choice among freelancers and creative business owners but for a very different reason. Calendly has an easy to use scheduling layout for both you and your clients. Plays well with other platforms and is fully customizable.It doesn’t offer the same integration capabilities or integrations as it’s competitors but for the novice user, it is exactly what they need.

Ideal for: Online entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative types, and consultants



With a clever use of domain name, youcanbook.me brings an element of simple fun into calendar bookings. It boasts of giving you complete flexibility and control over your time with their easy integration software.Their website and marketing were a little frustrating. We had to dive deep into the help documents to figure out what exactly this platform was capable or not capable of achieving. Their target market is obviously a novice user but it seems like they have some hidden features that would work for a user in need of more robust features.

Ideal for: Online entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative types, and consultants




Great for those getting started who only have a Facebook page and no website. Simplebookme allows you to create your own booking website to direct clients to or link directly to your Facebook business page for easy scheduling. Another handy feature is the Approve or Reject option for new incoming appointments. Flexible pricing based on the number of clients and features used. It also appears to be flexible with just about any industry and would be ideal for teams.

Ideal for: Sports & Fitness, Attorneys, Government, Financial, Beauty Salons, Brick and mortar businesses, Consultants, Medical, Schools, Colleges, Teachers, Tutors, Creative types, photographers, venues & events, entertainment


I stumbled across this tool at the end of our research but I have to admit it made me take a serious look at my own scheduling platform in comparison to its capabilities. In fact, their marketing is targeted toward swaying you to switch from their competitors to them. Id highly suggest digging in deep to what they are trying to sell you because after all of our reviewing we found a lot of the features they boast about are available elsewhere. The ability to have in-depth reporting, analytics and tracking was the most impressive of all the platforms.

Ideal for: Small businesses, Venues, Healthcare, Counselors, Tutors, Teachers, Sports & Fitness, Financial, Beauty Salons, and Enterprises

Sometimes picking out a scheduler can stop a creative business person in their tracks. Looking at learning a new platform, even one that is quite simplified is enough reason to put on Chicago Med and avoid taking action.

If you want your business to grow, you need to schedule your time and stop the back and forth emails of picking a time to meet. That’s amateur stuff. You’re above that.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with where to start, pick the scheduler that will be easiest for you to move forward with. Great news, as part of the entrepreneur cha-cha–pivot, change course, pivot–you can always upgrade to a more sophisticated system as you go. But you can’t do the Entrepreneur cha-cha unless you have your scheduling act together.

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