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I’ve been considering making the switch from Trello to Asana. By watching her show us how she uses the platform, I was able to get a better understanding of what would and wouldn’t work for me. I can’t wait to see what topics she’ll cover in the future.

Erin Ollila

Writer & Content Strategist

This workshop was awesome! Jamie’s expertise helped me re-think my onboarding process and how I can save myself time while also providing more value for my customers. Thanks Jamie! Katie Price

Website Designer

I want to thank you for that webinar because you explained it beautifully and now I get how to best use it for managing projects, etc. Thank you! Celeste Johnson


These are great for interview style or keynotes.


Establishing client boundaries and dealing with the difficult conversations as a service provider


Leveraging the power of your tech tools to deliver a rave-worthy client experience without being a slave to your business


My favorite productivity + automation tips that save you hours of time every week 


Protecting your marriage and achieving your CEO dreams while navigating an energy-draining blended family household


Elevated client experience tips that impress your leads and keep your client coming back for more  


Discovering your passion: the story of a Disney Chef turned workflow strategist 


These are great for hands-on training style sessions (virtual or in-person)


My secret method to crafting a client journey that cultivates an authentic referral based business


Ditch the icky sales funnel and develop a true-to-you relationship marketing routine that serves with heart


Identifying the process bottlenecks and productivity killers in your business… and how to fix them TODAY!

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Jamie Russell is a chai tea loving, heart-centered systems strategist for female service providers who want to leave an everlasting mark on the world without sacrificing their time, family, or health. Through her relationship building tactics, Dubsado know-how and radical tech solutions, she will equip you with the tools to evolve your one-on-one services from a disorganized mess to a streamlined success. Jamie’s focus is on crafting a rock-solid sustainable framework for delivering a rave-worthy client experience that aligns with your brand and grows with operational excellence. Find out where you can reclaim your energy with a high-level of efficiency at jamierussells.com

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