24 January 2018

As a new Dubsado user (or maybe you’ve been using everything manually), it is very easy to get stuck in a never-ending vortex of stellar features and how-to videos. There is SOO much that you can do with Dubsado but that doesn’t mean you need to do ALL OF IT or even do all it RIGHT NOW. Take the baby steps approach and get your business systemized in small pieces that work toward a bigger end goal.

So go snag your free trial of Dubsado (here is my link for 20% off) and get ready for a simplified start to your new client management powerhouse.

Click here if you’d like to learn about creating Dubsado workflows.


It surprises me how many business owners I talk to who aren’t using the lead capture form or haven’t setup a response for new leads. You are literally leaving money on the table. People are knocking at your door and going down the street to someone who has their lights on. The VERY first thing I suggest you do is set up this lead capture. Get used to how Dubsado functions + start bringing in leads. Then you can slowly implement the rest.

STEP ONE: Customize your Account

Click the gear icon at the top left and go through each tab to update with your busineess information + branding. Then go to the calendar in the left menu and sync your mobile calendar to Dubsado. Lastly, go to projects in the left menu and add a project status for “new leads.” EASY PEASY!

STEP TWO: Edit the Workflow Template

Dubsado’s account will automatically come with a few “sample” templates. These are a great starting point while you are trying to get going. For sake of simplicity we aren’t going to go over the other form templates but if you are comfortable creating them go ahead and do that now, then move to edit your workflow.

Go to templates in the left menu and click workflow. Go through each step and edit the canned emails. I personally would start with a one step workflow and then add more later. The very basic action would look like this:

send email “name of email” immediately after workflow started

You’re almost done + ready to start taking leads!

STEP THREE: Edit the Lead Capture Template

Go to templates in the left menu and click forms. Click the Sample Lead Capture and then add any elements you want to include. Be sure to custom field map any short answers or dates you might need later. Click the settings tab and connect the newly edited worklow, add a status, add a project title, and SAVE.

VOILA! Now you are ready to send this to anyone interested in working with you.

BONUS TIP: Send everyone through your lead capture form

It makes your life 110% easier if you send everyone through your lead capture form. You can either embed it on a website page and/or add the direct link to your social media channels. You can also just share that link with someone. It’s literally THAT EASY! Stop taking everything manually and let Dubsado do the heavy lifting.

*This post may contain affiliate links for products that I personally use or use with my clients. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links which I’ll likely blow on Oprah’s Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks… you should try it, with a pump of white chocolate. Delicious!