You want to fast track your business to the next level. You have lavish and conquerable goals for the new year but HOW the heck are you going to achieve them?

What actionable steps will get you there?

I can guarantee you one thing.

If you want to make your 2018 the year of the Business Boom, you can’t do it alone.

You won’t scale unless you have an online business manager and a properly set up customer management system.

A bold statement?

Yes. But so are your dreams, remember?

Let’s talk about the why and the how.

Why you need a Customer Management System

Finding leads, following up with them, and onboarding them with a stellar client experience is a FULL TIME JOB. There are soooo many moving pieces, how can you expect to keep up with it all?

Chances are, if you have been swimming in the pool of Productivity Overwhelm and doggy paddling your way through to-do lists, you probably have already said to yourself, “There has to be a better way.”

Good news! There is a better way.

Automating with a customer management system makes the most sense for your business model.


 Here’s why:

Right now, you’re probably putting everything into an excel spreadsheet (or maybe post-its) and then setting reminders on your phone to bug a potential client. (psst…there’ s a better way)

Maybe you’re using PayPal to do your invoicing then asking your clients to print out a document, sign it, and scan it to you  (seriously, there’s a better way!)

Perhaps you are trying to schedule appointments through a back and forth email string. (Good Lord, friend – there is a way BETTER way!)

All of that sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? And you haven’t even started on your project that they hired you to do yet!

I’m holding an intervention right now. As your business pal, I can’t let you keep doing this to yourself. I can’t stand by the side and see potential like this wasted. I need to tell you about the better way.


Imagine this…

You stop work at 2pm to spend time with your family. Someone pops onto your FB page, clicks a book now button, fills out your form for more information, gets the information, books on the spot, signs their contract, and pays…all while you are busy settling Catan with your family around the table.

The best part… all of this happened without you ever being in front of your computer OR attached to your phone. #micdrop

I used to be just like you. Endless reminders pinging from my phone, a client “when should we meet” email thread so long that you could have made a blanket with it, a promise to my kids that I was doing this to spend more time with them only to be putting on a TV babysitter while I hammered out work for a client.

I was exhausted, too. I had a dream of owning my own business and making my own way.

I made a decision: it was time to expand my dream and redefine what “making my own way” really meant.

The best business investment I ever made was to invest  in Dubsado. At $20/ month, I grew my business to unbelievable heights in a matter of weeks. Warning: with the right tools, you can reach your yearly goals in a few weeks. I hope you’re good at dreaming because you will need to have a bigger plan once your business takes off!

I have never thought twice about if I should pay for this each month or not. It’s the number one reason I can perform at my best. My clients love it and I know that each piece of my workflow is being handled on time.

My question for you: are you ready to redefine what making my own way means and create the time freedom in your business that you have always wanted?


Why you need to hire an online business manager

I saw that. You just swallowed hard when you read the words about hiring an OBM.

I can hear your internal engine hitting the panic button right now and sending the alarm to your thought processes:

“No! My Dubsado CRM is all I need to manage my business. I don’t need an online business manager. I’m doing this my way, my terms. It will be built by me and only me!”

Hey, I come in peace. I’m showing you a better way, remember?

Achieving your business goals will happen when you are resolute about this fact:

There is only so much time in a day.

You need to stay in your zone of genius working on what you did when you began this venture. If you are managing EVERYTHING, then you are not operating to your fullest potential.

Delegation is going to be one of your biggest assets to make that happen.

Even with a well oiled CRM, you need to maintain the system or have someone to implement new ones as you pivot, change, or adapt your business during the year. This is just inevitable.

You don’t want to be dropping everything you have on your plate each time you need to make a business decision.

Why you need both and not just one

There are two questions you need to ask yourself

How much dedicated work time do I have in a week?

How much do I want to grow in 2018?

Okay, there’s a third question:

Am I willing to take the action needed to reach that growth?

I’m not just selling the “There’s A Better Way” dream here. Let’s talk numbers.

I want to pull back the curtain and give you a sneak peek into how I answered these three questions for myself.

I only have 20 hours of dedicated work time each week and I want to have consistent 5 figure months in 2018. Unless I almost triple the price of my services (which NO ONE would pay for) I either need to work more hours or have a smaller goal.

Neither of those are acceptable.

Sooooo… I need both a CRM like Dubsado and an Online Business Manager. In my case, I also have a dedicated team of VA’s.

Adding Dubsado to my business was a no-brainer. Bringing on an OBM was a deep breath, jump off the diving board for me.

What seemed like a large business expense at the time has turned out to be a business investment with a plethora of dividends:

It has grown my bottom line and I’ve met my goals.

My business has a future.

I have created a stellar, star-studded team of pros who care deeply about our client’s success.

And it’s allowed me to work in my area of genius and to become a Dubsado expert who is recognized bd the Dubsado creative team. I’ve also gained a reputation in the Facebook groups as the go-to Dubsado girl.

It didn’t happen alone. I simply redefined what making my own way meant.

Are you ready to redefine your 2018?

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